What We're all About

Aural Luscious was created from our own craving for custom crafted, outrageous, break neck marketing. Lucky for us we just so happened to have the assets to manifest our vision.

When it comes to thinking outside the box we don’t have a box. We’re provocative and disruptive, if it’s radical or controversial we’re all about it. We’ll cross the line for you, hell we’ll obliterate the line and the only line you’ll ever hear us talk about is your bottom line.

We’re in business to push the limits of everything, even you. If you want reverence go to church... and we’re probably not the team for you. This is your ad campaign you’re spending big money on, do something your audience will NEVER forget, something they’re gonna go run to their friends and brag about because they heard it first!

Got a stale brand? No problem, let’s revolutionize it! We won’t stand for mediocrity or the status quo for your brand or your market. We electrify passive consumers and businesses alike and we rejuvenate soggy markets fast. If you’re not advancing your agenda with startling ad campaigns you’re wasting big time money, we won’t allow that.

We can conjure, architect, and orchestrate entire campaigns and marketing strategies or show you how to take an existing campaign and make it RULE! We want you to show up at our offices with pallets of cash begging us to roll out your next SUPER-DELUXE Crispy Cucumber & Tangy Curry Chicken Ciabatta Sandwich crusade or exploit your effort to help 40 somethings feel sexy again in your new line of Platinum Luxe stilettos.

We give a big #$%! about your business and we’ll be evaluating your genius as much as you will be scrutinizing ours. So we ask, do you have what it takes to boldly define your vision? We do. If you answered yes, then let’s get busy.

Luscious Company

G. Washburn | Artist

Diversified creative and consummate entrepreneur gifted with fierce persuasive abilities and artistic flair. Gavin is a professional musician with 20 years of active involvement in the performing and recording arts, with a hunger for business, philosophy, art, and creating the next arousing ad campaign.

T. Leigh | Muse

Cultural creative who effortlessly manifests and brings to life all things that promote optimal living. Tina is a plant-based culinary genius, experienced yoga practitioner and teacher, writer, social media maven, and luxe lover. She can infatuate your competition right out of business.

D. Axman | Inspector

Committed technologist, professional musician, and curious science fiction guru. Derek is an tech genius with a resolute demand for meticulous quality, he is devoted to science and art, and is best left alone to scrutinize the hair-splitting details of your market and next Luscious marketing plan.

T. Fronterhouse | Virtuoso

Percussionist extraordinaire and master of the martial arts. Troy is the quintessential nice guy with a machete in wait. Blessed with extraordinary whit, potent creativity, and penetrating discernment he’ll have you laughing while he twists your arm off. Don’t worry he’s working with us.

Hard Core Strengths